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A small catalog of essential packages, themes, and repos(not finished):
OpenSSH: Open SSH is a utility that allows SSH access to your device. You can then use an SSH client to access your device’s main file system for editing. Simpler utilities now exist, such as iPhone explorer which you’ll download to your PC or Mac. When you plug your iPhone, iPod, or iPad in, it will bring up the file system and you can edit without SSH access. I recommend using a utility like iPhone explorer over SSH as it’s safer. SSH can open you up to hackers and give others access to your file system if you forget to disable it. SSH is also a huge battery hog. The only benefit is that you don’t have to have your phone plugged in to SSH. You must be plugged in to use a utility like iPhone explorer. If you decide to use the SSH option, make sure to change your iPhone root and user passwords. 

Winterboard: A lot of people jailbreak for the ability to change the look of their iPhone. Enter Winterboard, which is a free download via Cydia. It’s a necessary utility to install themes and most customizations. Many veteran jailbreakers will remember the days of Summerboard as well. Winterboard took its place a few years back and improved upon several things. When you install a theme, all the components will show up in Winterboard. Depending upon how a theme developer decided to bundle their theme, you may have only one package in Winterboard, or you may have several. I personally prefer when developers separate theme elements. Since Winterboard works as a hierarchy, I can select a theme and if I don’t like the sounds, I can download a sound pack I “do” like and apply that in Winterboard. The key is to move it above the main theme so it overrides the sounds I don’t want. I highly suggest jailbreakers to become very familiar and comfortable with Winterboard. If you do, there is no limit to what you can do to your phone and you’ll be able to tweak and customize even the littlest details of your springboard.

My3G: Similar to MyWi, this app is a tweak that allows you to lift certain restrictions carriers and Apple have in place. It will allow you to trick your phone into thinking you have a wifi connection when you are really on the carrier network. This trick comes in handy if you need to download an app over 20MB and aren’t in range of wifi. It also allows you to use FaceTime over 3G as well. There is also another app called 3G Unrestrictor which will also allow you to make FaceTime calls over 3G.

SBSettings: This free utility allows you to add quick toggles that will drop down onto your springboard. There are also several plug-ins and themes you can download for SBSettings as well. It’ll also allow you to hide icons you don’t want or use. This is especially useful for hiding stock apps you can’t uninstall. I hide the default weather and stock apps among others that are simply wasting space on my springboard. You’ll also be able to more closely keep tabs on your memory and running processes. This was extremely useful before multitasking. It’s still useful today for freeing up memory and seeing what may be eating through battery or slowing your phone down. 


iWipeCache: Prior to 3.x, iOS didn’t cache icons in a way that created issues. The problem now with 3.x and beyond is the way the file system caches icons. When you switch themes, sometimes you’ll notice certain icons don’t change or they stay stuck on the last theme you had active. Prior to iWipecache, you had to SSH into your phone and delete the cache in certain folders and respring. iWipecache simplifies this process and does it for you on the go. It’s a free utility and something I’d highly recommend to anyone who likes to change UI elements and themes frequently. If there is ever a time iWipeCache doesn’t work, especially under iOS 4.x, try going into Winterboard and toggling Summerboard mode on and off, then respringing. This seems force even the most stubborn icons to change.



 Many users are left bitter when certain carriers want to charge them an additional fee just for the privilege of tethering. MyWi is a wonderful little app and in my opinion, a major reason to jailbreak on its own. MyWi alllows you to create a wifi hotspot with your iPhone. I have a wifi only iPad and I never even considered purchasing the 3G version. I simply tether my iPad to my iPhone. Just be wary of doing this if you don’t have an unlimited data plan. As of writing this, MyWi currently costs $19.99. It may seem like a hefty price tag but you’ll pay that in data and/or tethering fees in less than 2 months. You’ll only pay for MyWi once. You do the math.

Barrel: Barrel is a new tweak available in Cydia, developed by Aaron Ash which adds a 3D “cube” effect to your iPhone’s springboard. This is a very cool tweak which changes the look of how your home screen icons scroll. Please note that this works for all devices running iOS 4.x + apart from the iPad or those with SBRotator installed.

      Barrel For iPhoneBarrel For iPhone

This is similar to the Compiz desktop effect seen on Linux where instead of scrolling between pages, you scroll between different sides of a cube.

There is no icon for this tweak as the options appear in Settings. The only option available at the moment is to have either the icons appear inside the cube, or outside the cube. Barrel is available from Cydia under BigBoss repository for $2.99












Black Empire: by CL1CK 

Official Description: 
ALL DEVICES!! Black Empire is a theme that took me about 2 months to make it includes 
- a lockscreen (Complete)
- Wallpaper and Switcher
- Default loaders (More to come)
- over 122 icons (More soon)
- and UI and chatkit
email/tweet me with icons/loaders to make il include them in an update.
Now with Animated wallpaper and lockscreen !
IMPORTANANT 4.2 users MUST navigate to - /var/stash/Black Empire Lock/Wallpaper 4.2.theme/README
*coming soon*
icon mods
and more